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            a weird update. not really decent...
                                    Sunday, December 24, 2006


* Gawd.

After, what? 2 weeks or so before a decent update. geez, blame it to the never ending exams i had before we had christmas break. Darn it. Hello? its Christmas and they are giving us unreasonable headaches.

I really wanted to update for a long time, but i think stress, depression ( maybe... ) and frustration might have taken control of me for the past weeks. It really helps to release your strees through words because at least you are not hurting anybody physically or something. Blogging is a great stress reliever, believe me

I dont want to go into details of what i have been up to before i made this upadte since there are a lot of things that happened and i cant relate them here one by one ^_^

So what happened lately that i can probably remember? hmmmm.....

Two days ago, my long awaited boy doll ( including a limited edition Juri head version 2006 ) arrived and i probably fell in love with my boy doll. hahaha, he is teh HOTNESS, mhan. nyahahah. but hhmmmm dolls are dolls though. *smirk* The pics could be found right here , or if you guys want a detailed story about it you can click here

Argh, cant sleep because of that freaking movie i just watched with my youngest brother and my mom. Its called the PULSE, which was patterned after a Japanese Horror flick called kairo or something. Its freaky but its all about computers and im still using my computer right now in the middle of the night eerrrrr, i mean morning i guess. ^____________^

I have to update this quite a lot, it really helps take this weird stress off me. I probably have too many problems stirring up inside of me and well it affects the way how i think or something. @_@

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            Freaking museums and another lousy day
                                    Monday, December 4, 2006


* Dec.03, 2006 Me and my blockmates ( pia, caly, clang, mich, sam, tj and karl ) went to the national museum and some places in Intramuros. The agreed time of meeting was 9 am , but guess what? we left Ateneo a little before 10. ahahaha As usual, Filipino time. But then again, I was already there waiting for them at about 8 am. Why did arrive so early?!? Well, I thought that we might encounter some traffic, so I left my house at about 7:30 am. Arghhh, i forgot that it was Sunday and there is no traffic at these times during this day!! Geez.

On our way to the musuems, we encountered super-mega traffic around recto, good thing, karl and our driver knew how to work their way through that thing. ^_^ ahahaha, i can't stand traffic! you see, im a very impatient driver. *evil sneer*

Upon arriving at the National musuem, my blockmates immediately took photos of the floorplan of the museum. ^_______________^ Bwahahaha, it doesn't hurt to be prepared in case Sir Ambeth decides to give the floorplan as a quiz for us later. haha The national musuem was quite cool in every sense of the word. You could really see the effort in making those backdrops and the artifacts as well. I was not really bored. ^_^ But geez, what's with the pots, pots , pots and more pots??? I don't really get it, why are the pots so essential in our history anyway? They look the same to me though, except for their sizes and shapes. ahahaha

What i really appreciated in that museum were the art section wherein they display these works of art from various artists. The paintings were all nice! I love "the ad", "panata" and "course". See these pantings for yourself and the feelings and emotions just gush out. They were great, too bad they didn't win ( except for "the ad" which was one of the juror's choice ).

After this, we went to Mcdo to eat, since most of us were getting all dizzy and wasted. ahahaha ^_^ The eating moments with these guys were always memorable. Their eating-related stories were ....damn, cool.

Off we went to the San Agustin Church musuem , where we paid a whooping P50 ( but we did get free marie biscuits. ahaha ) just for the entrance fee. Darn it. I was literally stripped off of money!!!! wah!! Hmm..., the museum was boring compared to the National museum. Not to mention hot! geez. ^_^

After laughing our hearts out because of some of the artifacts and other things, we stumbled upon the choir place located at the sort of "attic" of the church. There we saw large chairs for the choir, a large choir bok ( music sheets, whatever. ahha ) and a large "piano". I forgot what they call those things. ahahaaha *_* I was enjoying the scene below ( a couple was going to be married or something. I'm not sure if it was just a rehearsal or the real thing! ahaha ), "CANON in D" started to play!!!!! Darn it, i felt all emo and all that!! WAH! I don't like to be emo anymore!! There Sam, Tj and me suddenly started blurting out our wedding plans in the future! ahahaha It was quite funny and weird at the same time. :)

We were supposed to go to Casa Manila next, but it was closed due to some event later. So we went to Fort Santiago instead, but then again, it was closed because of some Marian parade or something. ( it was kind of sponsored by radio Veritas ). Since the people were really tired and they ( including me ) wanted to go home already, we got back to Ateneo , and eventually went home.

Dec.04 --> The day was ....ughh.... i don't know... boring to the extreme probably. I was still very much in vacation mode so i was not ready for lessons and all that. To top it all I have a freaking cold! . Darn it. But Karl's krispy kreme made my day quite a bit happy , well. also thanks to "that-guy-without-a-codename-yet" who passed by me three times. Ahahahahahahaha. nagpapapansin ka ba, baliw ka?!?! joke!

*listening to Chrono Cross ending theme* I know , I know. I already accept the fact that its over. Geez, but what's with the talk about him in front of me?..... That just hurts.....very much. *kapow*

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            of teaching and whatnots
                                    Saturday, December 2, 2006


* I had a great time with our NSTP today. ahaha, i dont know, probably it's that giddy feeling when your tutee understands what you just taught him/her. ^^ WAH! I feel like i want to be a teacher, but not a college teacher. An elementary and high school teacher would be good.

But then again, my patience is always at the brim, and I might not survive being a sensei... T.T But still, its FUN.

After discussing the plans for the Christmas party next week ( Argh! I would be absent then since I'm going to the cosplay event in UP! .... T.T ), me, Ralph and Darryl began to talk about ....well...LOVELIFE. It's kind of funny to talk to guys about this sort of thing , but then you get to see a different perspective about these kinds of things. You get to know what Guys do and do not like about girls and all that, And well, they also learn what girls think about so-and-so things. ^_^ It is complicated, but you could make it simple <-- from Ralph R. Geez, then what am i supposed to do? Tell him and disregard all the pride i have left. NO WAY

Bahala ka, ang tanga-tanga mo kasi. Di mo kasi gets..tsk tsk tsk.

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                                    Friday, December 1, 2006


* I decided to play Final Fantasy XII again, yesterday.. just for the heck of it. I erased my previous saved data and started from scratch again, this time, I already have a complete walkthrough. Back then, I said to myself that this would be the first final fantasy that I would play without any cheat of any form, but then...BLAH. I just can't . Well, with the rate or speed of my playing habit, I might finish FF12 next year. It's just hard to compete with two younger brothers for the PS2, you know. They always tell me to buzz off since I'm already old and that playing should not be in my vocabulary anymore. BLAH see? Geez, I want to have my own TV and my own game console!!!!! ^_^

Arghh! I want to finish the game so badly!! @_@

Eeeeep!! BALTHIER!!! I just love this guy more than Vaan! He is ultimate hotness personified I just love his bad guy personality and the way he talks... damn, that sky pirate accent, it makes me melt. nyahahaha ^_^

Why is it, that even though you have given up on someone, anything that concerns him still pierces quite hard? I mean, the goosebumps you feel when he passes by and then your body does not know whether to run as far as you can or just stand there,..... just staying still.... then when he walks past you and you feel the wind brush up your get that sinking feeling . You see, I hate it Why did it have to be you, anyway????

UP AME would commence next saturday, and I'm stil lacking some details in my costume. :( Some of our group mates even backed out for some reason, so there would only be 4 of us, Sailormoon, Sailormars, Jadeite and Nephrite. So, that means we would just have to join an individual entry more skits. tsk tsk tsk. But then, its ok , we should just strut our stuff there .... wah! I'm not even good when it comes to individual entries!! I just cant seem to come up with something to impress the judges or whatever! Maybe I would just have to do some japanese monologue there ^_^ nyahahahaha, GANBATTE! .

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                                    Wednesday, November 29, 2006


* It has been a long time since I updated this. I wanted to rant and rant for the last few days but because of schoolwork, I was not able to spare some time to update this blog. Anywho, while it is still fresh in my mind, I'll relate the things that happened to me so far.

Nov. 27,2006 --> I gave another crappy answer to Doc Sio :( Why does he always call me when I am not ready, I do not know the answer or when I am doing something else? Gawd. Not to mention, my brain was getting all cranky because I was ansering this effing survey.... The questions were annoying, but funny as well. ^_^

After that, I went to Schmitt hall to check up on the crystals and weighed them again. Geez, I got a freaking deduction because i used an intermediate pad for my data sheet. WAH! What can i do? I did not know. :(

Oh math 17, my lovely math 17. I understood the topic a bit. I still need to read much about it. hehehe

Chem chem. As usual, my understanding of the lesson was a bit so-so, but I'm still quite okay. Unlike in Chakraborty's class wherein my mind was literally wandering because I can not understand what she was explaining.

After Chem, Karl, Pia, Sam, TJ and me went to Metropolitan something museum and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas museum. The MET museum was quite boring but with my blockmates around it was quite a laughtrip. Some of the artifacts there were a bit interesting but most of them are just ordinary pots and jewelries I see everywhere. In the musem in Bangko Sentral, I thought it was just the same-old same-old money thingies, but I actually appreciated the stuffs there. You could really see the trasnsition from period to period and changes that the Philippine peso endured to be what it is today. Other currencies of the different countries were also in display too! The Japanese Yen, Korean Won and the Chinese money were the best. I think I'm just biased here but what the heck, they are cute! ^_^ After that, we went to Tokyo Tokyo to eat! yummy beef teriyaki. ^_^ While eating, people shared their weird food stories and Sam and TJ's stories were the best! hahaha, the details...hhmmmm...I can just imagine it, and it makes me want to throw up. ahahahahahaha

After some weird experience with the LRT station, we got back to Ateneo, 20 mins or less before 6 pm. I immediately went to the lib to use the microfilm since the deadline for the birthday paper was for the next day. Its not like I crammed or something, I actually searched for the articles for my birthday paper way before the deadline. The only problem was, they were not really Philippines related and I had to search for another topic again. :(

Nov. 28 --> Had my usual morning swimming class which i enjoy very much. Well, just erase the fact that I'm constantly being harrassed by that p.e blockmate of mine everytime she sees me. Geez, I really dont care about you! Even though you were run over by a 6-wheeler truck and your face gets smashed up, i dont care!.well, i'd be happy of course ^_^ Arghh! Stop bothering me, you psycho!

I enjoyed the eco class this day, not because of the lesson but because of Sir Lim! ahaha, He is so cute when he talks aloud and makes this all side-comments! ^_^ Ahaha
* his glasses dropped to the floor*
sir: ay, nalaglag.
*gets his glasses*
sir: di bale, mura lang naman un eh. hahaha
* looks at the ground as if scrutinizing every detail of the wooden floor*
sir: hala, bakwa pwede pang maayos toh. hmmm
* places his broken glasses in his table and gets his backpack *
sir: kala nyo ha, may spare ako!
* rummages through all the pockets in his backpack...*
sir: ay, sa kabaling bag ko pala nilagay. hihihihihi

me: *rolls over laughing* ( not literally! )
Note: When he was saying these things, he was not really talking to us, he was just talking to himself and thinking aloud....tsk tsk tsk, the only time where he would really talk to us is when he wants to ask how much time is left before the bell rings because he does not want to lecture anymore. hahahahahaha

The DS quiz was quite okay, Im not just sure if what I wrote there were correct. *crosses fingers * I hope they are correct though! By the way, I got his bonus question! I dont know why, but I remembered my grandpa when he asked the bonus question and I just wrote his present age there. and then *poof*, it was right. yeah boi! ahaha

Wee~ History 165! This is my favorite subject for this semester! The only class in my second year that I really look forward to! Ambeth Ocampo rocks He teaches very well, could relate stories spontaneously, he is really great! No wonder, they call him a legend! I simply adore that guy, he is just too much, too good to be true. ahahaha ^_^

His quote from Nick Joaquin was really cool and its still stuck in my brain until now.

Philippines has a lot of stupidity, we should export it

Wicked. ahahaha Coolness to the extreme.

Nov.29 --> Same old stuff, nothing new really. Except when you consider that "something" that made me miserable for the rest of the day. Geez, I'm trying to forget you, what do you do? I wish i could just lock you up somewhere so i will not see you again. gawd...

After arriving from school, I chatted with Gear, Kurt and Hans....I found out about some things and had some confession moments which were really funny. I was smiling like this ^_____________________^ ahahahahaha. That's that.

At 9 pm something, me and my parents went to starbucks to talk about some stuff... particularly my studies and some random people and experiences thrown in every now and then. I might ( i wish ) go to Canada or U.K to continue my studies there. They said that I should just finish my course in ADMU, get a 1 year nursing stuff, pass the exams needed and go to Canada, U.S or Japan. Its really a good thing, but I would go there by myself I have to work and all that to earn money for my daily expenses and blah blah blah. I dont want to think about it for now since I still have 2 years to go! ahaha ^_^ And i'd be 20 by then... argghhhhh....I'm old, seriously.

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            Ackward silences
                                    Saturday, November 25, 2006


* Yes, yes I deleted all the posts in this blog for nov. 2006 ( except this post and following updates for they will be retained ) since I felt that such emoness is affecting others and i might get into serious trouble T.T Besides, I keep on telling myself to give up already anyway. I lost.... but still..., must i wait?... or will my wait be worth nothing??..

I have been enjoying my swimming classes since it started last week even though the teacher is just teaching us all those basic stuff about swimming. But then, everything that seems all happy still has an underlying damness and queerness in it. There is this person in my p.e. class who have been pissing me off since day 1. Yes, I know her in a way but Damn, she ruins my good mood with all her stories about her life and yes, I have been resisting the urge to tell her in the face that Hello? I don't care if you didn't take a bath for 1-2 days because of water shortage , that you solved your problems because you claim to be smart and all that. Get a life! But then, i can't do that, can i? Geez, I don't get mad at people easily but she is totally an exception. I want to kick her in the face and send her bloody face tumbling down into boiling acid.

Last night, me and my blockmates ( me, tj, doms, sam, jay, karl and pia ) went to gateway to watch Borat .

All Hail! Kazakhstan!

The film was really funny but quite disturbing because of some scenes. Ohhhhhh, my first Rated-18 film! Its not the greatest movie there is , but If just want to forget your problems and get the laugh trip of a life time, watch it!

Before and after watching the film, I was totally switched to emo-mode and Sam, who noticed it, said such comforting words to me. They were short and a bit inaudible but then it made happy in a way. Arigatou Gozaimasu, sempai!

Ack! Such ackward silences everytime!!! Doshite???

Nov.25,2006 --> I went to the dentist this morning and had my braces adjusted. The doctor said that I should have my emerging wisdom tooth taken out since my braces would be removed soon. ^_^ Yipee!! No more braces!!! Say hello to retainers, yeah boi! hahahaha

Since I had my NSTP right after, I drove from the dentist to ADMU. This is probably the worst day of my driving days since I was stuck in the most horrible traffic ever!!!! Back then, I gave way to quite a number of cars who wanted to change lanes and those cars who wanted to overtake and all that, but then today, I was driving like a mad man since I will probably arrive late if i waste any second in that damn traffic.

Fast forward after 2 hours on the road

Thank God I arrived in ADMU 3-5 minutes before the jeep going to our NSTP are left. Darn, If i missed the jeep, I would probably kill random people and blame them for my tardiness. *evil sneer*. hahahah, joke. hahahahaha

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            Fresh start
                                    Thursday, November 23, 2006


* I did say that I'm giving up right? So yeah, i need to have a brand new start and get rid of unnecessary emo-ness. ^_^